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"I are Human, not Machine"
A Villain
U.S. Navy Fireman

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Missing Him THEME BY: ©YAM16
Made for This Is Planet Neptune




The Love of Any

Sometimes, when alone
All the time, when together around
I often think
I’d love to be in love with a man
I’d love to be in love with a woman
I’d love to be in love with someone
I’d love to be in love…
I’ve seen so many in love
Inside, I turn green with envy
Inside, I prune with jealousy
Outside, I smile and adore
Outside, I admire what I don’t have.
Simply to I must say…
If only I had what many have

A friend, lover, co-adventureer, a companion…
This isn’t a poem, haiku, anything to be beautiful. It is simply my feelings.



I refuse to blur this mans name, because this is beautiful


(Source: smittirvb)

Yesterday’s feelings of Today

When Disappointment, turns into Frustration, turns into Anger, turns into Guilty, turns into the feeling of Neglect, turns into a desire to leave thus world.

One must then remember, they are human and not everything happens as they wish.