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"I are Human, not Machine"
A Villain
U.S. Navy Fireman

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Missing Him THEME BY: ©YAM16
Made for This Is Planet Neptune

Inside My Mind

Life is beautiful,
I’m enjoying it
Although it may be hard
Although there are times,
That I would like to give up.
I move onward,
Step by step, day by day.
I have gained a new appreciation,
For life.
And it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Having a baby, having my home,
And Yes, falling in like.
Having friends that are now family.
Having family closer than before.

Life is beautiful.

The sleep is tired

Ever get so tired that your brain goes blank, want someone to carry you to bed, carry you to the bathroom, move your jaw to make you eat so you don’t have to do it, or even close and open your eyelids for you?


Well, it seems it’s been awhile since I was last one. Kind of like I fell off the grid. I didn’t. Simply just forgot make post. My computer has been down so I have not been able to get on and fix up the page, give it a proper updated look… Along with information. Soon I shall, once I get a working computer agin. Until then I’ll remain with the pictures and small updates.




The Love of Any

Sometimes, when alone
All the time, when together around
I often think
I’d love to be in love with a man
I’d love to be in love with a woman
I’d love to be in love with someone
I’d love to be in love…
I’ve seen so many in love
Inside, I turn green with envy
Inside, I prune with jealousy
Outside, I smile and adore
Outside, I admire what I don’t have.
Simply to I must say…
If only I had what many have

A friend, lover, co-adventureer, a companion…
This isn’t a poem, haiku, anything to be beautiful. It is simply my feelings.



I refuse to blur this mans name, because this is beautiful


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